Women tailored suit’s customization

Thailand tailors make made-to-measure suits for both men and women. They have established themselves on the grounds of providing classic service and modern style to the customers. Their certain attention to the details of craftsmanship has lead them to great achievements in the Tailoring business. Women’s tailoring requires equal or more attention because of the curvaceous body structure of woman, demanding more cuts and stitching. More and more women are opting for tailored suits rather than off-the-rack suits.

Your options

After deciding the suitable occasion for which you need to wear a suit for, you must decide on your options given by the Thailand tailors. There is an endless scope of customization with Thailand tailors:

• The fabric type and the patterns on the fabric can be customized by you, if you have a good taste in fabrics, or else you can leave it on to the Thailand tailors.
• The fit can be adjusted according to your comfort level. If you want it tight on the waist to enhance your body structure.
• The inner lining of the suit should be very soft and the pattern should match with the main fabric’s pattern and color. Silk linings are best with formal wear suits.
• You must decide on, what style the pocket should be of, should it be concealed or open.
• Single vent, side vent or no vent it is your call to pick one of them. Single vents are the most common but the double side vent is very much in trend now.
• Waistband style for women is the main highlight of the suit. You may or may not include it in the suit, but Waistbands will give a nice shape and an illusion of a sleek waist line.

Don’t worry if you lack in the knowledge of suits and fitting, Thailand tailors are with you for guidance from start to end. Women’s tailoring is a very complex process. The tailored suits are being worn by many famous actresses on the most formal events of the year 2015. You can also accessorize the suit with pins, waist belts, scarves and shawls, depending on the weather. If at all interesting get hold of the best Thailand tailors for your perfect fit tailored suits.


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