What goes into making suit trousers?

The art of tailoring is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires perseverance and attention to detailing. For most people suit pants or trousers are a matter of great concern. Shopping from Tailors in Bangkok for a custom made suit pant can help shape your style statement. This is because here the style, design and fabric that go into making your pant are unique and customized for you.

Importance of design

The trousers are a vital part of a suit. It should display the true personality of the wearer and boost his confidence in terms of style. The design creates a huge impact visually. You might be think what is so special about the design of the trousers well a lot of areas can be looked upon which if went wrong the pant can turn into a fashion disaster.

Ensuring waistline fittings are just right…

Perfect waistline is very important for a proper comfortable fit of the trouser. There can be no compromises made with the fittings at the waistline. A well fitted pant is very appealing and it starts with a waistline that is fit just right.

Fly size and seam alignment

The balance between seam and stitch is very important. Poor alignment of seam and stitch rack the whole appeal of the trouser. For Tailors in Bangkok this problem is easily overcome with the attention to every tiny detail.

The length and width

When the trouser width and length is measured, they keep in mind the fitting from the thigh area, the pleats in the front or flat fronts. The length of the trouser can depend on how many breaks you want in your fall.

Pockets and hems

Pockets and hemlines have the most scope of versatility and creativity. There are front, side and back pockets in a usual trouser. They add a unique touch and class to the pant.


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