What Do Super 100s, 120s, 150s, 180s or 200 Mean in Wool Fabrics?

Superfine wool is such a sensation in fabric trade and sale and for many a misconception (higher the Super meter means fabric quality). Its high grade fibers and spin entices any custom suit enthusiast given its quality to show a suit’s dapper qualities. Drape, breathability, comfort, fine look and appeal are still fascinating attributes of quality wool. Yet there are some
misunderstood facts about its true value and worth or even real attributes for what these numbers connote and mean. Each mill in an effort to make a differentiation of its products will produce superfine wool and brand it accordingly. But there are as well scrupulous fake fabrics masquerading as the original and in the process cheating and taking the credit for the lack of knowledge and facts of the buyer.

For Chicago tailors wool by any yardstick will have certain unique qualities that are hard to replicate to the minutest level. Like absorbency and comfort even when drained with water. Although industrial manufactured wool types have taken lately to the market and look like the natural fabrics of for instance; wool, cashmere, silk, flannel or even cotton the marvels are in the natural glow of perfectly treated and preserved wool.

Some Important Aspects to Look for in Your Custom Suit Wool Fabric

Micron Count – although not an authoritative aspect for the real quality of wool as many things also matter in the wools quality it remains a vital aspect that will tell the finer and better quality of wool combined with things like its color, strength, length and crimp that will impact wool grades and overall fabric quality. Fineness in wool is essential as it should tell about clearer grade, level of spin, strength and length of fibers or yarn.

Fire Resistance – there is a certain resistance to burn fast unlike the fake fabrics or blends that show a weakness or inclination to singe and wrinkle fast when exposed to flames.

The strength, length, color clarity and crimp are important wool attributes taken seriously.


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