Is Magento 2 The Best Platform For Mobile Commerce?

More than half the people throughout the globe use mobile phones for every purpose. Banking, calling, entertainment and even monitoring your health have become easy with the development of smartphones and apps. All the commercial activities that take place within a mobile platform are collectively known as mobile commerce or M-commerce.

Since, a vast audience uses cellphones for money transfer and other things, it has become inevitable to have a mobile app for various e-commerce sites, which is the reason behind Google’s policy of making every website mobile friendly and responsive.

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There are many platforms that can be used to build the mobile commerce stores like WooCommerce, Joomla and Magento 2. More than half e-commerce websites prefer the Magneto e-commerce development framework.

So, why exactly is magneto 2 so popular amongst e-commerce website developers? There are many features of Magneto development solutions like easy to use etc. that makes it preferable, but before that let’s check out some facts about Magneto 2.

Why Magneto 2 is considered as the best ecommerce platform:

1. Non-developer friendly but user-friendly backend

Magneto Developers came up with a new version of Magneto- Magneto 2, which is developer-friendly. It has easy to use backend interface which makes doing small changes easy and without the need a programmer or developer.

It includes the feature of marketing and merchandising which makes the site, even more, mobile friendly.

2. It maximizes the sales

51% of users make use of their mobile phones to buy things as no one wants to go to the hassle of opening the laptop. Since most of the sales come from mobile devices, it has become absolutely necessary to make a mobile responsive e-commerce website. And Magneto 2 is the perfect platform for this as it boosts the overall conversion rates thus maximizing the sales.

3. Manage the business directly with mobiles

Magneto 2 development solutions have all the amazing features that will make it easy for you to run your business smoothly and efficiently. If your budget is low, you can even go for its open source version which has almost all the features that will aid you in launching your online sites like:

When you use Magneto Development solutions to create your e-commerce site, the best benefit you get is that you can manage the entire website right from your mobile devices.

4. It has the feature of caching

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Mobile connectivity is something that you can’t predict especially when it comes to performance. Therefore, the need for caching is imperative.

Magneto 2 has amazing caching capabilities that make it easy for the developer to answer the clients when asked about performance.

Varnish Full Cache is another added features that lets developers boost overall performance without worrying about connectivity issues.

5. Magneto 2 has better admin panel

The previous version of this platform had a confusing admin panel which made any changes difficult without the aid of developers. This has been fixed in Magneto 2; it has been optimized so that managing the online store through a mobile device is easier.

It has become easier for the backend user to make modification anytime they want.

6. Its marketing features are awesome

It makes marketing easier by providing a ton of features like:

7. Easy checkouts

The most important part of an e-commerce website is a cart if its empty it means neither party was satisfied. Sometimes the checkout process is complex due to which the consumer moves to other sites without buying.
Magneto 2 fixes this problem by providing easy and safe checkout process which certainly boosts your traffic and sales.

8. User-friendly

If your mobile store is difficult to navigate, then no user will ever return to it. For this problem, Magneto 2 is the best Magento ecommerce development platform as it provides simple and interactive user-interface, which is very easy to understand.

9. Google friendly

Since 2015, Google has started giving preference to mobile websites and penalizes the sites that are not smart-phone savvy. When you use Magneto development solutions, you don’t have to worry about developing 2 sites- one for mobile and one for the web. Because websites developed using Magneto works well on every device.

So, these were the reasons why Magneto 2 is pretty famous amongst the developers. Having an e-commerce site is inevitable in today’s competitive world and hiring a Magneto development company will help you create your own Magento ecommerce platform. It will certainly help boost your sales with its user-friendly and easy to use interface.


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