Exclusive Custom Suits Design and Style for Women

Time has been gone once suits wore by Men’s exclusively. Now, ladies are also using Suits to wear of different-different style. This happened owing to operating ladies strength is increasing step by step and they are giving their valuable services in several professions.
Custom Tailors determined this and tailoring suits for ladies with totally different style and designs. So, there are several choices for ladies to wear in workplace or company.

Different types of suits:

Women’s suits are totally different from one another in a very variety of pocket, button and color.

One-sided pockets and five buttons suits
No pockets and four buttons with spherical neck suits
No pockets and four buttons with shirt collar suits
No pockets and four buttons with mandarin (stand up) collar suits
Cut pockets and four buttons with band suits
No pockets and three buttons with notch lapels suits
Three buttons with additional money pocket suits
Flap pockets and two buttons suits
hidden buttons and no pockets suits
Slit pockets and double breasted suits
One button, patch outside pockets suits

Choose a Tailor who is aware of regarding fashion and able to style different-different designs suit with correct fitting as a result of suits fitting to body is additionally matter in custom tailoring.

We all know about New York fashion and tailoring industry. This is fast growing industry in the New York because of several reputed custom tailors in New York, USA across the world. They tailor suits and shirts with perfectly as per your body dimension.


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